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Josh's Computer Service

Repairing Computers and Electronics in the Waterloo, WI area since 2009

Computer Services

Listed below are all of the services we offer for your computer that keep it working fast as expected.

Choosing one of the services below takes you to a more detailed explanation of each service.

Light Computer Repair

Light Computer Repair includes software conflict issues. Light Computer Repair also covers secondary hardware repair such as replacing or installing optical drives, RAM, or expansion cards.

Medium Computer Repair

Medium Computer Repair covers Operating System conflicts. It the computer wont start past the boot screen, we can troubleshoot and make it start as it used to. If your operating system needs to be reinstalled, we can backup your data and migrate it to the new install.

Please note that the price does not include the price of the operating system, if you don't have a disc.

Heavy Computer Repair

Heavy Computer Repair includes major hardware replacement like hard drives, power supplies, or motherboards. Replacing these parts sometimes requires the operating system be reinstalled. We will replace the defective part and get your computer running again.

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your computer running in mint condition is a top priority. Our preventative maintenance process updates critical software and checks for viruses. We also make sure your anti-virus definitions are updated if you have an anti-virus program installed. This allows your computer to stay fast and virus free.

Computer Diagnostic

Josh's Computer Service has a $10.00 diagnostic fee for all repair and maintenance jobs. The diagnostic fee is waived if we undertake the repairs.

Computer Networking

If you have multiple computers, tablets, or smartphones that use the internet, then you probably have a home wireless network If you don't have a network, we can set one up for you. If your wireless network isn't reaching as far as you like, we can find out the cause of the signal problems.

Periphery Install

Periphery Install includes installing anything that is a USB device. We install the drivers for you and make sure your device is communicating properly with your computer.

Computer Cleaning

Josh's Computer Service offers computer cleaning. We remove the dust from inside your computer. Air-flow is increased in a clean, dust-free computer Having a clean computer also lowers the operating temperature. All of our off-site computer repair jobs include computer cleaning for free. If you want your computer cleaned on-site, the price for cleaning is $5.00.

Computer Training

Have you ever wondered why your computer does things the way it does? If you have any questions about how to do something on your computer, we can answer them and teach you how to perform tasks easily.